Preventing Cancer With Apricot Kernels

Cancer is a disease more dangerous with more than 100 different species. It is a type of disease, harms the body when cells form tumors and spread of damaged parts of the body. Basically, this is the most dangerous of all other diseases and can be fatal if not avoided during the early stages. Drugs is very expensive and not all cancer patients are lucky enough to survive and fully recover. But to avoid any type of cancer, maintaining a healthy lifestyle and a healthy lifestyle begins with healthy eating.

It is very important for us to know, good nutrition. We must avoid foods that contain more sugars and additives. To maintain the health of your body you must eat nutritious food. There are several anti-cancer foods that all the necessary nutrients that our body needs, such as apricot seeds.

Help prevent cancer apricot. This is a seed in the heart of the apricot. It is also called "bitter almond" for a wide range of medical services and health. Contains amygdalin vitamin that is an important factor in preventing the emergence and spread of cancer cells in the body. Eating foods rich in vitamin B17 or amygdalin, apricot kernel, when it is installed without any risk of cancer. There are few fruits that contain vitamin B17, such as grapes, apples, peaches and cherries, apricot seeds contain, but simply to focus more and more effective for tumors.

The health benefits of apricot seeds:

Maintains and develops a strong immune system damages after a major medical researcher apricot kernels and damaged cells, our immune system strong to avoid triggers. He added that the cyanide toxin from the seeds of apricots is the fight against the bad cells and 7 grams per day to keep cancer.

Apricot seeds should be treated for respiratory diseases like asthma, cough, bronchitis, emphysema and respiratory failure. Antitussives and expectorants such as it is.

The apricot kernel oil, prevents constipation, lead because of its oil, apricot seeds as a laxative to use what I did.

Apricot seeds are usually bitter and slightly bitter, due to vitamin B12. Despite bitter taste, is a highly nutritious food that keeps our bodies strong and healthy. Sometimes large quantities of apricot kernels, which can be taken against nausea. You have to be taken on an empty stomach. Assist in any case, eating fruits such as apples, peaches, plums, pears and cherries, neutralizing the effect of amygdalin, which prevents fires.

Anyone can get cancer, because whenever our cells can be damaged, leading to cancer development. However, these cells are repaired or destroyed by the immune system. So we have a good diet and a healthy immune system and strong. Eat apricot seeds per day, and certainly helps us to stay away from all forms of cancer.

This article was written by Arthur Martin, an expert on healthy foods, in general, and a health food store for many years. It has become a leading retailer of goji berries in the UK.


Alex Tessier said...

There are a great many cultivars of apricots being grown and each of these varieties produce different quantities of amygdalin, from sweet, like almonds, all the way up to extremely bitter – comparable to bitter almonds, which were once readily available. One should be aware of the bitterness of their chosen kernel. Many of the “bitter” kernels being sold are really not very bitter at all. They contain very little amygdalin, and certainly not in therapeutic values. The bitter the better, as they say. Consumption should be varied accordingly. Trial and error through slow and steady consumption is the only real way to determine suitable dosages.

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