Benefits of Apricot Seeds

Apricot seeds are, like most nuts and seeds, very nutritious and sometimes controversial. The reason for this is that one of the nutrients they contain is amygdalin, also known as vitamin B17. Amygdalin attack cancer cells, helps prevent cancer.

There are a number of foods that contain amygdalin, but have largely been particularly rich in amygdalin of our Western diet. People all over the world who have a diet rich in foods containing amygdalin cancer-free. One of the best and easiest way to ensure amygdalin in their diet with apricot kernel first.

There are few ways to fight cancer. It's a way to build the immune system and is very strong. This is very important because if the immune system is overwhelmed when things go wrong and bad things happen, cancer. Another way to deal with anti-oxidants, which fight carcinogens in the body at risk. Antioxidants help cell reproduction. Amygdalin is the only directly attack cancer cells.

Amygdalin started is a poison - one of the components is cyanide, which is the case. Before you run to read the courts continue to reflect on how it really works. The apricot kernel oil is unique in amygdalin cyanide complex is blocked, which is chemically inert and harmless to normal living tissue. Think of salt (sodium chloride). But he also enclosed common areas in a poison - chlorine. If you eat too much salt in the same time, it would be wrong. Each salt must be used is the salt Himlayan contains nutrients. This also applies to each substance and apricot seeds, but be aware that amygdalin is less toxic than salt and sugar.

Our bodies are creating cancer cells all the time, a fear, but, but generally the least expensive and the immune system to defeat them. There are times, for various reasons, the body of a high exposure to carcinogens or cancer control cells, with a rate that is too large for the immune system to treat multiply. This is where the amygdalin is so different that the immune system and attack cancer cells directly supported. Back to the question of cyanide, is an important enzyme rhodanese. Cancer cells have an enzyme that releases the poison in the amygdalin, and this means that cancer cells are destroyed. Healthy cells contain rhodanese. They contain enzymes release different nutrients and amygdalin, amygdalin as a neutralizing agent is ineffective and does not damage healthy cells free. Neutralized all the poison that seeps into the blood quickly.

For those who have never eaten raw apricot seeds will give you a taste of what to do requires a certain bitterness. This is due to amygdalin / vitamin B17 in seeds, or as it is sometimes called the apricot kernel. It's a good idea to eat something in my stomach when comsuming many apricot seeds. Another way to minimize
the risk of nausea is to eat contain nitrilosides including peaches, apricots, plums, apples, nectarines, cherries and pears for the fruit. These benefits help trace of beta-glucosidase in the saliva, stomach, intestine and can cause nausea neutralize.

For those who have the body of the chemotherapy and / or radiation poisoning, is immensely zap the immune system and you really need to look for supplements to strengthen your backup system. Carrot / spinach juice is a great way to increase your system naturally. There are some good natural products available to get you back on the path to restoring good health and a weakened immune system.

B17 There are pills that can be taken together with apricot and amygdalin, is also available in injectable form for a particular stage of cancer are available. The tablets are deririved B17 from apricot kernels and can be used for the prevention and treatment of cancer.

You may consider integrating the system seeds/b17 apricot. I heard that prevention is better than cure. The cost of treating cancer with conventional medicine is thousands of years, but life without cancer is invaluable.


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