Making Apricot Wine

Add fresh apricots for your homemade wine.

Rent or buy equipment for the storage of wine.

Remove stones, cut, ground, and 3-6 pounds of ripe fruit. More fruit is a strong flavor of wine.

Place in a plastic bucket.

Add 1 crushed Campden tablet 1 teaspoon of tea. Pectic enzyme and 1 liter of water.

Mix well and let sit for a week. Cover with a cloth and stir daily.

Add about 2 kg. eating sugar 20-21 degrees Brix. (See "Control of the fermentation of the juice of a Brix value" on eHow instructions on how to measure the Brix and sugar content.)

Add c. Tea. Yeast. Mix well.

Transfer cups of juice. Fill in the 3.2

The yeast in warm water to hydrate stand for 10 minutes, then the juice.

Bring to a block of fermentation.

When the sediment is deposited, after about 5-6 days, "rack", or distracted by light wine by the glass. To fill the bottle. (See "Wine Rack" for instructions.)

Accumulate in sediments tension. You may have to increase three or four times.

Leave for three or four months, until the wine is clear.

Bottle. (See "bottle of wine" for instructions.)

Bottle of six months.


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