Growing Apricots

An apricot is a small fruit of a yellow-orange apricots grew up. An apricot tree is medium in size with a large canopy. They eat their apricots or directly to a jam or jelly. The apricots are easy to create and maintain.

Find a place for your tree. Apricots have a tropical tree that tolerates temperatures of -30 degrees to 100 degrees and remains a healthy environment into consideration. Cold weather kills the flowers of apricot, but the tree remains healthy and prosperous year later.

Dig the hole to keep a square foot in apricots. Remove the tree from the burlap bag or container. Place the tree in the hole and fill the sides with soil.

Pour enough water into the soil and roots. You may need to add more soil until the water absorbs

Maintain a healthy tree begins to cut each winter or spring before new growth for the production of apricots. An apricot tree and remove all unhealthy branches and twigs, and then spread to areas of thick leaves and thick.

Apricot power plant food every 1-2 months. Fertilize with a fertilizer for fruit trees and compost.

Apricot. Cut the branches and place them in fresh water to the roots. The best time for growing apricots in late spring to cut.


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