Making Apricot Sorbet

Apricot Sorbet

Ripe apricots are some of summer's finest fruits. They're soft, sweet and swollen with coral-hued juice. Don't bake it out in a pie; capture the fresh taste of apricots in homemade apricot sorbet.

This simple sorbet recipe requires only three ingredients and only a minimum of effort. One batch makes a scant quart of sorbet, and that's enough for several small servings. (The recipe can be doubled if your ice cream maker is large enough.)

Scoops of homemade apricot sorbet make a refreshing dessert on an early summer evening. The vibrant color of the sorbet matches the shades of the summer sunset.


    * 5 whole, ripe apricots
    * 1/3 cup of sugar (adjust this amount depending on how ripe the apricots are; you may need more)
    * 2/3 cup of water

Kitchen Supplies

    * Knife and cutting surface
    * Measuring cups
    * Blender
    * Ice cream maker

What To Do

   1. Halve the apricots, remove the pits, and cut the apricots into chunks. It's okay to leave the skin on.
   2. Pour the sugar and water into the blender. Add the apricots.
   3. Blend the mixture thoroughly. The mixture should be frothy. There shouldn't be any noticeable flecks of apricot skin left.
   4. Pour the mixture into an ice cream maker and follow the machine's directions. With a small gel canister ice cream maker, the mixture will freeze into apricot sorbet about 30 minutes.
   5. Serve and eat the sorbet immediately.
   6. Freeze any leftovers, but note that sorbet will harden and become difficult to scoop after too long in the freezer.


    * Honeyed sorbet: Try substituting honey for some of the sugar in this apricot sorbet recipe.


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