Apricot Seeds And Heathy Life

Apricot seeds are like most nuts and seeds, very nutritious. Apricot seeds were used for the treatment of tumors in 502 AD. Apricot seeds are taken by many as a cure for cancer because they contain high doses of vitamin B17, an immune system. Apricot seeds are an important source of cyanogenic glycosides and laetrile, which is a form of treatment or cancer.


Cancer has surpassed heart disease as the cause of death of Americans under age 85. Cancer is now expected that every second man and more than 1 in 3 women beat the world in their lives. Cancer occurs only after an absence of direct carcinogens known as laetrile and cancer actually contribute only more pressure on the body, such as tumors by the lack of laetrile excretions. Cancer cells have exactly the same functions. Cancer, by definition, is a chronic metabolic disease and should be treated as such. Cancer is a systemic failure of the immune system and cell communication. Cancer patients who responded laetrile is not repeated when it is stored in the laetrile treatment.


Many top scientists say the world which, when eaten, the seeds of apricots, 100%, it would be impossible to develop cancer. Special ingredients in the first half of the apricot is proven for decades to kill existing cancer in most cases. Fresh apricot seed is a nice tan. Apricot shirt are not suitable as a dietary supplement. If you are a regular user of apricot kernels, you know the difference. When apricot seeds are burned at high temperatures, which makes skin shiny kernels are cooked. Apricot shirt, therefore, have little value as a dietary supplement. Raw apricot seeds contain vitamin B15, more oxygen into the tissues.


B17 continue to save your life every day. Apricot seeds are a source of vitamin B17. Dr. Ernst Krebs was the first to identify vitamin B17 and study their properties in 1952. Apricot seeds are taken by many as a cure for cancer because they contain high doses of vitamin B17, an immune system. The stores do not sell "raw" apricot seeds because of attacks by the FDA in such transactions with vitamin B17 and apricot seeds years ago. Finding the right provider to buy your Vitamin B17 is very important.


Chemotherapy has never been demonstrated that the therapeutic effect against cancer. Chemotherapy does not affect breast cancer, colon or lung. Chemotherapy and radiotherapy are known to damage the fertility of patients, but some targeted drugs Gleevec, commonly known as imatinib, is unknown. Chemotherapy is the poisoning of the rapid growth of cancer cells and also destroys rapidly-growing healthy cells in the bone marrow, gastrointestinal tract etc, and organ damage, like liver, kidneys, heart, lung, chemotherapy, radiation therapy can cause, etc., to induce cancer cells to mutate and become resistant and difficult to destroy.

Apricot seeds are subject to seasonal availability. Apricot seeds have the highest content of B-17 on the ground. Apricot seeds assist your body to treat cancer in the digestion of proteins, enzymes produced by the pancreas. Apricot seeds are spear and bulls eye, I saw thousands of people and I feel better and live longer than they would if they respond to chemotherapy and / or radiotherapy.


Alex Tessier said...

There are a great many cultivars of apricots being grown and each of these varieties produce different quantities of amygdalin, from sweet, like almonds, all the way up to extremely bitter – comparable to bitter almonds, which were once readily available. One should be aware of the bitterness of their chosen kernel. Many of the “bitter” kernels being sold are really not very bitter at all. They contain very little amygdalin, and certainly not in therapeutic values. The bitter the better, as they say. Consumption should be varied accordingly.

I talk more about this on my own blog at http://www.apricot-kernels.blogspot.com.au

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