Secrets of Apricots

Apricots are very healthy, but many people are aware of the miracles that can play to your health. There are so many health problems can be solved if you eat apricots and there are many secrets that will help you, we may want to examine some of them.

Let's first take a look at some of the things I'd love to know if you buy the collection is the apricots and place will look like. First, you should go for fresh apricots, an intense orange color and look a little "soft. Thus, the amount of calories you need to apricots, which are preserved in juice instead of syrup, to avoid the increase 'purchase.

Dried apricots are dried apricots, orange or brown, and you want the new, for a period of six pounds of candy is needed to dry 1 pound. But the drought contain more beta-carotene. You need to keep in the fridge and fresh apricots are not ripe, you should eat in a few days after they are earned.

When it comes to service and prepare apricots, here are some suggestions. If you are cooking for use in boxes or in various combinations, you should leave them in boiling water for about 35 seconds, then you have to cut their basic skills to take Peel and halve. It can also be used for wine or spirits, hot or cold cereal or pancakes can be added to its chain. Last but not least, add an oriental touch to your apricots cooked meat and vegetables.

So there are a number of combinations that can be used and this result should also have health benefits they offer.


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