A Healthy Life With Apricots

With one of the most nutritious fruits available - red - goes to Alexander the Great. He was the first fruits that grow naturally on the way back to Europe to see their military expeditions in Asia.

The word was "Start" apricot from the Latin name, the first ripe fruit that you can have in a season. The name was greatly appreciated by all and the popularity of the fruit arrived in Europe, America and Australia.

Apricots are very nutritious because it is rich in nutrients such as iron, beta carotene, vitamin C and vitamin B. If in possession of an apricot for drying, is the nutritional value of fruit more concentrated, therefore, a great snack for all. applicable

If you keep the fruit fresh or dried, help your kids, protect eyes and prevent heart disease, cancer and many others.

There are four ways of apricots can maintain their health.

Fight against cancer

If you are an excess of tomatoes, which is the main source of lycopene, while suffering with dried apricots is the best solution. Lycopene, a carotenoid of great help in preventing prostate, breast and other cancers. Although the amount of lycopene is much less than 30 dried apricots give the same amount of lycopene, tomatoes, apricots and even that is growing every day with the security level of lycopene in your body faster. Experts say that less than 5 milligrams of beta carotene have every day, you should eat at least 6 / 2 fresh apricots.

Prevents heart disease

Dried apricots also prevent heart disease and keep blood pressure by giving you all the nutrients such as magnesium, potassium, iron, carotene, beta-, copper, and add four dried apricots 57 grams of fiber, cholesterol, thus to scan the system long before it clogs the arteries.

Reduces the risk of cataracts

No matter what you eat can directly into your vision. As Dr. Robert G. Cumming, research director for the Blue Mountains Eye Study, "Our study confirms the importance of vitamin A in the prevention of cataracts." He also says that a balanced diet is essential for healthy eyes.

Extends the life

Some people believe that the apricots to increase the life span of 120 years, for example, in the Himalayan Hunza tribe of Asia. Studies have shown that they were the people who belong to this tribe has never cardiovascular disease, cancer, hypertension and hypercholesterolemia. And all this for the regular consumption of apricots is a part of their diet. They eat fresh apricots in season and during the long winters dry and cold.

While the apricot can show a guarantee of long life, but studies show that if you eat only fruit, certainly make your life better. B vitamins are found in dried apricots may protect against Alzheimer's disease and mental disorders such as amnesia, which significantly with age.

How can we get the apricots?

We can better supermarkets and fresh apricots in the months from June to August, imported from California and Washington. They are the orange zest and oil. I never apricots, which are yellowish or greenish or injury or reduced.

As the fish can grow apricots in the kitchen at room temperature. If you feel adult, to keep in the refrigerator. You can stay fresh for several days.

During the winter apricots imported from South America to enjoy and enjoy, or as large as it spreads, jams and fruit juices.


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