Eat Apricot Seeds

Apricot seeds have been used for years in alternative medicine for their anti-carcinogenic. Despite the incredible bitterness Linux include the necessary nutrients. Eating apricot seeds could be dangerous because they contain small amounts of cyanide. Cyanide is contained in the seeds of many fruits such as apples and apricots. Reported some form of apricot oil, cyanide and often used in dressings of wine and a salad.

Prepare the kernel by washing with clean water. Remove meat and waste apricot.

Let dry on paper towels, apricot kernels, for several hours in the open. The box will be read more easily when they are dry.

If you open the shell with a nutcracker or a hard object against a hard surface. With a glass bottle, a hammer or other hard objects on a table or desk to open the shell.

Remove meat from pan. Found in the seeds. True seeds are used in salads, or you can use almond oil. Chemically, the apricot seed oil is the product should be the same as almond oil.


Alex Tessier said...

There is a very broad range of apricot kernels available that encompass the entire spectrum of amygdalin content - from very little, to quite a lot. The bitterness of an apricot kernel is indicative of its amygdalin content. Both sweet and bitter varieties contain quantities of amygdalin. However, people don’t realize the significant range of amygdalin content of the apricot kernels being sold as “bitter” varieties.

45 apricot kernels of one variety are all that is required for a daily dose of 1,500 mg of amygdalin. This is a dose that falls within a therapeutic range. In another variety of “bitter” apricot kernels, 200 kernels would have to be consumed in order to achieve similar quantities. However, the people using this variety are still adhering to common dosage guidelines, which means, at best, they’re likely only receiving 80-100 mg of amygdalin, and that’s at 45 apricot kernels per day.

The variety of bitter apricot kernel is critical to their efficacy. The wrong variety will simply not work.

I talk about this in more detail on my own blog at

My mission is to promote apricot kernels correctly. There is so much misinformation online regarding apricot kernels, a large percentage of users aren't giving themselves the best chance they have. I want to clear up some of these myths and misconceptions and attempt to level out the terrain. Apricot kernels absolutely deserve respect in the realm of alternative therapies, but the propagation of misinformation will continue to mar their reputation and their efficacy.

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