Breast Cancer: Apricot Soap and Sweet Mary

I grew up going to church with my mother, and feels like a stranger. This is a "country" or a small church "family" in the sense that it was out of town and is an important part of the church of 150 members, due to a dozen families who had land and lived near the church. My maternal grandmother was in this church until his death, and my mother is still there. My grandparents are not good land near the church. They lived on the road to the church for a time, "where my mother grew up. I do not think I'm an outsider. We live in the greatest city in the province, the "capital", where I went to school. The other children of the Church was at school in the city, but one of the small towns. otherwise particularly since high school and middle is me.

I'm not bitter, and make everyone do a reprimand. That's life, and their children. But this time it was terrible. My observation is that most girls have been proud of my Sunday school, and that I wanted to exclude hidden. But it is not Mary. It's been about a year younger than me, and one of the sweetest girls I ever met. He was always kind to me, and for that matter. He never made me feel excluded or left out or awkward or invisible.

Marie was once my name for the exchange of Christmas. He gave me a gift package with three bars of soap Crabtree and Evelyn, apricot kernel oil. I have never bought for myself, my family was very sensitive to the "madness". We have used Dial. And I've never been there like a perfume. But this soap is heavenly! For me it was the slightest hint of sweet tea. I loved this soap, and started buying for years. He was interrupted at one point, and I could not source a little bit "to be saved. And again," as part of the last line of Crabtree and Evelyn, then stopped again. I have re- check a couple of times a year, is still awaiting one more time before the production and sale.

10 years ago, my mother told me that Mary had breast cancer. He struggled for many years. He lost the battle and died at the age of 42. She had a husband and two boys. I think of Mary, sweet Mary, soap and gently sweet apricots. So I'll start writing for Crabtree and Evelyn, and ask for the reintroduction of soap, oil, apricot kernel, in honor of Mary, and examine the person whose life has been affected by breast cancer .

Here is a copy of my letter to Crabtree and Evelyn

I am writing to request that the previous product, Apricot Kernal Oil Soap. I have this product for many years, since I was a teenager in the 70s. I saw this product disappear, appear and disappear again. Over the years, I checked every two months to see if this product back in the line of Crabtree and Evelyn were.

I received a box of 3 bars in an exchange of Christmas gifts in a Sunday school. There was a girl named Maria. Mary died of breast cancer 10 years ago, at the tender age of 42. She had a husband and two children. I ask you to raise the issue and consider the marketing of new products with a percentage of charity for breast cancer.

You want a letter, as Crabtree & Evelyn, to manufacture soap Apricot Kernal needed again, with some products are going to write the love of my chest, it would be good. If you are inspired by another company, the other thing that is too large to support the writing! They are all paid. Act!


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