Apricots Interesting Things

Everyone loves an apricot or two to eat in the summer, they remain at the top of the garage for sunbathing. However, if you do not tan, does not mean that the apricots will not be surprising result and also very tasty and healthy, safe, your daily life.

Looking at things from a nutritional point of view, we need to know that you two ripe apricots and dried, the only alternative to eating all year round, but you can not eat ripe apricots from May to August. These fruits are very rich in vitamin A and C and are rich in potassium.

When it comes to choosing the best apricot is always looking for people with a light shade of pink or orange, a little ', "announces that it is difficult for a silky texture. You should always avoid points apricots are very soft or brown are totally green or yellow-green.

If your apricots are difficult or something "raw, can be stored at room temperature and wait until they mature a little '." If your apricots, you can put them in plastic bags and the refrigerator on a tray that is separate from apricots, which is the plants. usually retains its nutritional value for up to two days for the period, when you add to your fruit salad, Turkey or Paris for biscuits and cakes.


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