Apricot: Questions & Ideas (Part 2)

What is the best apricot color lip product?

You can never go wrong with Sephora. :) shade to get: Apricot Souffle

How to make dried apricot jam?

Soak 100 g of dried apricots overnight in just enough water to cover. Add 100 g of sugar and simmer slowly until the apricots are really soft. Add more water a spoonful at a time if in danger of burning and stir. Cool, then push through a sieve and it will be fine for tart making.

Personally, I would just buy a jar of jam or use any jam to hand. It really does not HAVE to be apricot after all. Good luck!

What color would look good with walls that are painted an apricot color?

Oh, honey, you need accents of antiqued brass and copper. Paint the kitchen a lighter color, but in the same range as the cashew. Put antiqued brass, copper and wrought iron in the kitchen, and lots of flowers, and stash the clutter!!!! for a really gorgeous set of rooms that really POP!!

What is a good moisturizer or cleanser to use after St. Ives Apricot Scrub?

well i use garnier nutritioniste cleanser and its amazing, it gained allures best face wash award or something along that line, its really making my oily skin much better. and you can use clean and clear advantage moisturizer i use that too and it helps with the oil and the acne =]

Does anyone have a recipe for Sachertorte that doesn't call for apricot jam?

The apricot is part of what makes it a Sachertorte. You can replace it with almost any jam but it won't be the same. Raspberry would go well with the other flavors. As to an easy recipe for one? Does not exist. It is a very involved cake with many steps. To not do them would mean you are not making a Sachertorte ... sorry!

Why were Apricot Pits used in World War 1?

Peach pits were used during World War I as filter for their gas masks. They would soak them in urine and make a special charcoal out of them that was used for the mask.

Do the apricot color on Maltese puppies ears turn white in time?

Most do but some keep the apricot color. The color finally changes long about a year old when they have lost puppy hair.

Is it okay to use the St. Ives Apricot Scrub a couple hours after washing my face with Neutrogena?

Dont use both ... Something will happen with ur skin .. If u want to use the scrub wait till tmoroow and dont wash ur face with Neutrogene .....

How can I make amaretto extract. I have the apricot seeds. How is the extract made?

Actually, while Amaretto has an almond flavor, it's usually made from apricot kernels. I'm being paranoid, but be careful making extracts from stones / kernels - they can contain poisons in concentration. Indeed, the smell of 'bitter almonds' is produced by cyanide, which is often present in small quanitites.

Is Apricot nectar similar to jam?

(1) Apricot nectar: Apricot nectar is a concentrate of apricots mixed with water and sugar. Apricot nectar is very alike Apricot Juice.

(2) What is "Nectar"? Nectar is a juice drink that starts with whole fruit and juice, with other natural ingredients added. Nectars are typically thicker than other juices and drinks, because they are made from fruit purees.

They are available in the US, generally in the supermarket with the canned juices. Or you could use pureed apricots, add juice (or water and a little sugar) until it is the consistency of a thin syrup, slightly thicker than a juice.

Hi my armpits are darker than my skin and i decide to buy a soap call apricot scrub, do you think it will work?

Depends if your underarm discoloration is caused by the same condition as pimples, I doubt it.

Can I use a cleanser and an Apricot Scrub after?

I always use the apricot scrub first and then use my cleanser.. for me i think the scrub removes the dirt and make up out of my pores more for the cleanser to get into.. but i don't think it hurts either way.. i have the equate stuff too lol..hope his helps.. and try to only use the scrub once a day.. and use the cleanser twice..

Would a lavender or apricot sent be weird for a guy to wear?

It sound yummy and sweet. At least he's not wearing Secret.

Can I save my apricot tree that does not grow any leaf?

If the apricot tree is planted in the ground, dig a thin trench round about the dripline, in a circle-- just where the outer branches reach out the farthest. Into this trench put well-rotted (l month old) banana hulls or leaves from a garden center; they should be ground up. Cover this with earth or potting soil. Water well. Sounds like your tree needs potassium.

How to save my apricot tree?

Take a few of the leaves to your County Extension Agency. They should be able to give you an idea of what is going on with your tree.

No leaves or fruit on apricot tree?

It is root bound and dieing. It needs to be in the ground.

My english mastiff has an apricot colored coat, but her 15 other brothers and sisters are fawn why?

It's perfectly acceptable, it happens. Do you know if her dad is fawn as well? If both of her parents are fawn, the chance of an apricot pup is 4% while the chance of fawn is 95%. (The remaining 1% is brindle.) If her dad was apricot, it was a 47% chance of an apricot pup. If her dad was brindle, it was a 5% chance. So, while it's very possible and isn't unheard of, I'd say that if both her parents are fawn, you do have an original girl! (; Actually, come to think of it, if both her parents are fawn, she really does fit the 4% approximation closely.. She's one of a litter of sixteen, and one sixteenth is about 6%.

Anyone know where you can get apricot juice/nectar in the UK?

Try a local 'ethnic' shop. I buy mine at a Lebanese owned grocers. Or get a tin of apricots in juice (not syrup) and blitz the contents in a food processor, you might need to add some water.

Is it harmful to twist an apricot and a fuji apple tree together?

I dont think it will hurt ,but youll need a big pot to keep them from becoming root bound. many years ago i planted an oak and a pine as they grew i twisted them together,after a few years the oak choked out the pine.you should see the oak now it almost looks like a spring.

Why is my apricot tree dropping green leaves in spring?

It sounds like your apricot tree has crown gall, which can be cured by treating with Galltrol.

What stores can I find apricot brandy in? how much does it cost?

Depends on where you are google liquor stores in your area and call them

Make Apricot Chicken with a difference in the slow cooker?

Sounds delicious already! Maybe add some tarragon?

Planting an apricot tree from the blossoms?

You can grow apricot trees from cuttings. Here's a link that may be useful - it tells you where to take the cutting from, how to treat it and plant it. Good luck - it would be great if you could continue to grow your grandmother's tree.

Where can i buy raw apricot seeds?

laetril does not work for cancer and your friend needs to find out for sure if that is what he/she has before trying random treatments with weird supplements. just picked apricots in the US would be found in any state that grows them.

Can I Use Apricot Preserves As A Pie Filling?

Yes, any fruit preserves would work in a pie. Sounds delicious :)

Can you grow a plant from an (example) and apricot seed purchased in a grocery store in the fruit?

Most of the seeds will be hybrid and purposely can't reproduce. Besides it is such a hassle and would take forever, so its best to start your own tree with cuttings from a friend's fruit tree, if that is the route you want to go. I buy small trees and my little tiny five fruit variety orchard with only five trees is growing splendidly and produces nice fruit.

Growing my apricot tree from a pit?

The fact that it flowered is encouraging, but it may not set fruit. Most free-stone pitted fruit trees are sold on a special root stock to which branches of specific types of a given fruit tree are grafted in. This assures that the mature tree will set fruit and will be the best type of tree for the climate of a particular area.

As the other answerer mentioned, you may have to wait a long time to get the tree to actually start fruiting. Even then, the tree may just flower but not set fruit.

But, hey, you've gotten farther than most people get so far. Might as well see what happens.


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