Apricot Kernels, Cancer and Vitamin B17

Over the years, in contrast to a number of apricot seeds, the controversial vitamin B17 (also known as amygdalin), and its effectiveness in treating cancer in a time and keep them at bay contains. Amygdalin is a molecule with four components - two of glucose (sugar), one of benzaldehyde and cyanide. There seems to be a part of amygdalin cyanide or that her skirt went up and found the mountains on foot, or vice versa, and how to claim one way to find a potential cure for cancer use. It seems that when people eat apricot seeds, with the inevitable element of cyanide can be very dangerous, but if the scientists to change the component of cyanide, and call it a treatment, you can be sure. Confusing, is not it?

On September 7, 2000, 'The Independent' told us that scientists at Imperial College London found that "the magic of cyanide can kill cancer cells." What looks like a Dr. Deonarain Imperial College, said the first evidence that killing cancer cells with a "prodrug activation approach" (his words not mine). The newspaper described the "magic bullet" as a cocktail of cyanide from the cassava plant. This may be because, with apricot kernel oil, cassava contains B17 (Amygdalin)?

But before we make our skirts and back to the hills that we need the "danger of death from cancer treatment alternatives on the Web," white, as in "Sunday Times" reported (August 3, 2004). It seems that "thousands of cancer patients at risk their health by following the advice of sites that promote alternative treatments are wrong." Edzard Ernst, professor, apparently only the land of complementary medicine (obviously, a solitary work) asked the government to support people with strong pressure on the interweb treatments Surprisingly, the researchers found that dozens were funded by the drug as a cure or to prevent cancer - including shark cartilage, coffee enemas, mistletoe and "extract of apricot" - scary!

Sunday Times revealed the folly of taking your health. And if your dire warning was not enough, in 2006 (April 11), please let us know the good old "BBC Watchdog warns of apricot seeds. It is reported by the apricot! BBC that the Food Standards Agency cyanide can be toxic in high doses, and we consume more than two bitter apricot kernels a day. In the same report says Cancer Research UK (apparently also on the issue Apricot) that the requirements are not only cancer seeds apricot true. You says that if you can not just eat apricot seeds cancer cure are happier than us. "Perhaps you and Dr. Deonarain Imperial College?

To see what is really going to deliver, we really need to look at the science behind the headlines.

The orthodox theory of cancer

Like most of us know, the conventional view that cancer is a cancer "lump / tumor / growth, and that this should be with surgery, chemotherapy, radiotherapy, or perhaps hormonal or immunotherapy. The idea is that a reduced or increased cut the body, the cancer is gone. This is when the cancer has spread less (spread to other areas), in this case, a different course of treatment can be offered, or the patient may be said that the tumor is too far and not dispersed.

The alternative theory of cancer

The other view is that the mass / tumor / growth "is not cancer, but is the" symptom "-. A sign that something is wrong with the body's natural balance is assumed that the growth of the underlying problem easily solved by the body. Although it is agreed that if growth is not absorbed and is ugly, or rather with the normal operation of a particular area of ​​the disturbing body, must be surgically removed.

Growth is not as "pure cancer" - perhaps only 20% of cancer, in fact, the remaining 80% of cancer is not. It is proposed that the area of ​​the tumor is resistant to radiation than the area of ​​non-malignant and therefore less likely to be destroyed. In other words, growth can be reduced, but the cancer may remain and may spread further.

As a healing process begins and the infected cells are replaced by new cells. And yet, that cancer is a healing process that is not disabled. In other words, if the body is, what is not important for the homeostasis and function effectively, the healing process can only remain poor. The result is that the body to heal, heal, and then again and again, until growth finally began to appear.

Of course, there are two lines of defense against this excessive healing process and the development of cancer. "Proteolytic" The first (developed the enzymes to digest proteins), produced by the pancreas. The two proteolytic enzymes trypsin and chymotrypsin, dissolve the protective layer around the protein in cancer cells effectively and attack the body of white blood cells to destroy cancer cells.

The second line of defense against cancer compounds known as nitrilosides. (It is estimated that more than 800 families nitrilosides food). These foods contain vitamin B17 nitrilosides (amygdalin), which consists of four elements - two of glucose (sugar), one of benzaldehyde and cyanide. The walls of cancer cells is an enzyme beta-glucosidase (also the release of enzymes' known). If B17 (amygdalin) and the release of enzymes in contact destroys cancer cells. It is interesting to note that the beta-glucosidase. Found in cells tumor and not in another cell of the body (eg, no cell can be destroyed) If an author G. Edward Griffin points in his lecture, 2005 -. "This is a mechanism for the beautiful nature that can not be random (See references and links below).

Therefore, this alternative view of cancer, there is no "cure" for cancer is actually a part of the body's natural physiological process. And "if it cure the cells begin to grow uncontrollably, and our defenses are down, the problem lies. Some say the most likely cancer and then developed in our lives, but in most cases our system defense against all this - you never know who had cancer.

This theory seems supported by a convincing explanation of G. Edward Griffin Farms in the Midwest U. S.. In an interview with FHV (Organization of Norwegian consumers make healthy choices), Griffin said, farmers in the Midwest of the United States showed that during the winter months, the cattle would develop mouth cancer. However, when the snow melted and spring came, the cattle would start eating grass leaves (rich in B17) and cancer would simply disappear.

Q & A

If this theory is true of cancer, why not go to the doctor?

This is a controversial topic because it seems that a number of competing or conflicting interests. How could you do the second part of the vision statement of policy of cancer G. Edward Griffin for a complete understanding of why this information seems to have filtered the doctors and nurses. Here you will find references and links: The science and politics of cancer, 2005, § § 4-7, the politics of cancer therapy: the drug cartel.

If we have two lines of defense to prevent cancer, have, because these two are not?

It seems that our modern diet, rich in animal fats and dairy products, large amounts of pancreatic enzymes to consume these foods in order to break - and the original exhaust system, if necessary, to fight cancer. There are also other reasons for a state of "diabetes", where the pancreas is often weak and therefore less able to produce the necessary enzymes. It can also be a genetic factor, which in turn is low, the pancreas and thus can be fully or properly from birth.

The distribution of our second line of defense may simply lack of food nitrilosides family. Many of these foods often have a bitter flavor and can be avoided by most people - so they are less than in conventional supermarkets in time. Well, there is the problem foods such as bread is used to contain "corn flour (B17/amygdalin rich), but most now contain the most useful" wheat flour ".

Cancer can be cured?

The conventional view is that some scientists are looking for a cancer "cure". However, the alternative view suggests that cancer can be a metabolic disease caused by evil, so that nature and we need to bring food back nitrilosides in the diet for the rest of our lives, and perhaps think, change our diet. This is because people can focus on treatment of cancer apricot seeds - a food rich in B17/amygdalin.

Many people who can work for the alternative point of view of cancer, a metabolic disease such as scurvy, are compared. Scurvy was solved with the addition of vitamin C, as many know. However, vitamin C can not be seen as a scurvy "panacea" because the disease under control is a clear need for food foods rich in vitamin C for the rest of your life. The "cure" means that it is enough to solve the problem, since it was resolved.

There are other factors involved in cancer development?

Yes, it seems that environmental toxins and toxins that the body has a healing response in areas that are affected by toxins can support. For example, if the smoke damage to the lungs and can lead to a cure - that can disable, if they have a lack of food or proteolytic nitrilosides. This could not explain why some smokers get cancer and others.

There are therapists use the alternative method if the cancer anyone?

Yes, we believe that therapists who are able to help. You can try the "Gerson Support Group UK" or "Gerson Institute" - or, perhaps, the spiritual world without cancer Velvet "and" Andersen Consulting "has no connection" of the site (although it should be noted that "in all sites (or publications.) that the article is not a doctor of any kind).

For it has been suggested that people eat pineapple and papaya, melon cancer at bay?

And understand, "We are aware that this particular fruit of the action of proteolytic enzymes to mimic - and solve the coat protein of cancer cells papaya melons as the source of the enzyme Papain and pineapple as a source for the enzyme bromelain ..

There are books I buy for myself as nitrilosides foods in my diet?

Yes, in 1976, when a lady in Spain in the month of June (former pharmacologist and toxicologist for the Federal Food and Drug Administration in the U.S.) has written a book entitled "The little book of recipes for cyanide -. Delicious recipes rich in Vitamin B17 "There was some" controversy surrounding the writing of this book and his work with the FDA at the time - you may want to search "Google World" site or "Amazon Cancer" to your book I think is still available "The UK ..


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