Apricot Kernel Essential Oil

Apricot fruits are alike in visual aspect to peaches and Prunus persica nectarina, but those yields commonly have a reddish colour to their skins.  Apricots were known in past Greece in sixty BC and tardier inaugurated into the Roman Empire. Apricot leaves are three-sided to but almost round in build and greenish in color with toothy edges and mixed vines system.  Latin name of common apricot is Armenian plum. Apricot fruits have a very sweet smell.

Apricots are almost round in shape with a natural depression at the upper side where it is joined to the branch of the tree to the base. They have a stating indenture that begins at the base and goes down one position. The skin is yellow-orange to pink-orange and spirits softish and silky. Apricots oil is derived from kernel of apricot.

Longsighted honored in the pharmacopoeias of TCM (conventional Chinese medicinal drug), apricot kernel (also known as "Amygdalus communis amara*," and botanically as "genus Prunus armeniaca") have constituted utilised for thousands of years to care for respiratory troubles. They're utilised by patricians in the handling of :-

    * Bronchitis
    * Asthma
    * Emphysema
    * Constipation
    * Wheezing (and cough)

Apricot Oil is enriched with factors healthful to the skin, admitting Vitamin E and Carotene. Seeds of apricot are similar to almonds which are cold pressed to extract oil from it, as this oil is rich in vitamin e content , its is widely used in cosmetic industry where facial creams and massage lotions are made, natural source of vitamin E oil for beneficial for skin application.


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