Apricot and Cherry Breezer

The soft sweetness of the apricots provides the perfect backdrop to the splash of cherry tartness. Add some light rum and dash of triple sec and you have a cocktail that will lull you into a weekend ease.

I love this drink because it’s not loud, it doesn’t scream its way into a first sip with any dominating flavor. In fact everything comes together quietly and smoothly for a summer cocktail that will have you gently leaning back in your chair.

Notes and Variations:

    * If you don’t have fresh apricots, use 3-4 oz. Kern’s apricot juice. If cherries are not in season for your area try using 2-4 oz cranberry juice. As always sip and taste as you mix.
    * To make this a virgin variation omit the alcohol.

Apricot and Cherry Breezer

Makes 2 servings

    * 8 oz limeade
    * 4-5 apricots, halved and pitted
    * 2-3 cherries, pitted
    * 3 oz light rum (increase for a stronger drink)
    * 2 oz triple sec

Place apricots and cherries in a shaker and muddle. Add limeade, rum and triple sec into shaker. Shake well, and strain into ice filled glasses. Garnish with slices of lime and apricot and cherry on top.


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